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Out Of Your Head Guides

The Lifeline Publications Out Of Your Head guides are a series of four booklets that tell the stories of David, Martha, ‘God’ and Jason. They are based on the experiences of people who use substances and are in mental health treatment. The booklets provide useful information for service users, carers and professionals in a format that is easy to read, amusing at times, sympathetic and factual. Click on the names below to access the booklets

David, who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, has been in and out of hospital several times although he is still in his twenties. He learns about the effects, both good and bad, of cannabis on his mental health.

Martha knows the ‘dark’ and ‘bright’ side of ecstasy (and other drugs) and this comes through in a story that shows how people have to adapt their lives to the distress and stigma of mental illness

Jason will use anything as long as it makes him feel ‘normal’. He hears and sees things, gets bizarre ideas and simply keeps using drink and drugs to get through it all.

‘God’ has lived on the streets for years. His life is like ‘heaven and hell’, speedballing or drinking and being in hospital. But he still wants what we all want.

Legal Highs– They’re legal and they’re high. 10 tips for safer use. A guide for people in mental health units.

Research and Contribution to the booklets:

Mark Holland: Consultant Nurse Dual DiagnosisManchester Mental health & Social Care Trust

Michael Linnell: Linnell Communications, 35 Guest Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 3DJ, UK.

Text: Michael Linnell and Mark Holland.

Illustrations: Michael Linnell

Special Thanks to: All the clients and staff involved in this project, Dr. Russell Newcombe, Pete rMcDermott, Dr. Tim Garvey (Consultant Psychiatrist, General Psychiatry and Assertive Outreach, MMHSCT), Petra Brown (Chief Pharmacist MMHSCT), Dr. Deepak Gupta, Professor Duncan Mitchell and Astrom Chang.

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