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Support In Crisis and Emergencies


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Contact: Known GP directly, or NHS Direct on: 0845 46 47

Referral Criteria: Concerns about current mental health which may include uncharacteristic changes in mood, anxiety, erratic or unusual behaviour, delusional thoughts, hallucinations, self-neglect, self-harm, etc.

Exclusions: Concerns about imminent harm to self or others including risk of suicide, overdose, fits, drunk or heavily intoxicated.

Outcomes: A home-visit or emergency appointment is usually offered within 24 hours.

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CRISIS Assessment Service

Contact: 0300 300 1485 or via NHS Direct on: 0845 46 47

All referrals go through a single point of access on the above number.

Referral Criteria: Mental health crisis and/or significant risk to self/others requiring acute mental health support i.e. admission or an acute alternative. Presentation can be either a mental health one acute or enduring, or a dual diagnosis of alcohol/substance and mental health need.

Exclusions: Can only assess if fit to be assessed meaning not intoxicated and requiring medical treatment. If in doubt call triage whose role is to support and where appropriate signpost of agree assessment.

Outcomes: The team sees patients within 24 hours and aims to assess within 4 hours where a referral is agreed.


Contact: Drop-in at local A&E department.

Referral Criteria: Concerns about imminent risk of suicide, possible overdose, severe mental health problem requiring immediate psychiatric assessment and where involvement of crisis resolution team is unfeasible (e.g. waiting times for triage, etc.).

Exclusions: If mental state, intoxication and/or behaviour may put others at serious risk in a hospital setting. It is preferable to allow someone time to recover if they are heavily drunk or intoxicated before going to hospital.

Outcomes: Patients with mental health related crisis will be referred to an A&E liaison psychiatry team. Intoxicated patients at A&E will usually be in a waiting area for several hours until they are fit for an assessment, in this case it is important that there is someone available to supervise or accompany the person in crisis at the waiting area.


Contact: Police or Ambulance on 999 or 112

Referral Criteria: Police: in the most severe cases of risk of or actual harm to self or others in a public place, and where behaviour may warrant arrest or detention in a place of safety under section 136 of the mental health act. This might include scenarios where mental health and/or heavy intoxication results in a dangerous crisis situation, and where other options are unfeasible on a voluntary basis.

Ambulance: In situations where urgent medical care is required and accessing other services is unfeasible.


Below are other services that can help people who have been in a recent crisis, offering counselling, support, signposting and out of hours helplines.

Referral Criteria: Where immediate risks are not likely to warrant contact with the above listed crisis & emergency services. Where an alternative to the services listed above is appropriate and desired. These services require a reasonable degree of functioning and motivation to engage. Very serious alcohol or drug addictions would usually be referred on to addiction treatment services.


Connect Helpline 0808 8001212  6.30-10pm every day of the year / Dial House 0113 260 9328

Provides services to people in acute mental health crisis as an alternative to hospital & statutory services. Survivor-led, person- centred, offering a non- medical service within a home environment

Referral Criteria: All services accessed by self referral

Connect Helpline – anyone who wishes to gain emotional support by phone. Supports people in crisis, as well as people who are depressed, distressed, lonely or isolated.

Dial House – supports people in acute mental health crisis as an alternative to going into psychiatric services or using statutory services. People must identify themselves as being in crisis, at the point of crisis.


Connect Helpline – only exclusion is if caller is verbally abusive to staff, or call is inappropriate, i.e. caller is using phone line for sexual gratification.

Dial House – people may be excluded for aggressive or abusive behaviour to staff or other visitors. May be excluded for persistently trying to end life on premises. People may visit Dial House if under influence of drugs or alcohol, but will be excluded for using on premises, or not allowed to visit if level of inebriation means they would present a risk to self or other whilst in the house.

For more information visit –


People with mental health & drug problems can face emergencies related to issues such as Benefits, Disability Allowances, Debt, Employment Rights, Housing, Community Care, Discrimination, etc. In these circumstances advice, advocacy and support can be sought from;

LEEDS CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU –  Have a variety of services across Leeds. Visit for more information

LEEDS CAB MENTAL HEALTH OUTREACH ADVICE SERVICE: 0113 281 6705 (office hours, by appointment)

SHELTER LINE: advice around emergency housing matters (free phone line 24 hrs) 0808 800 4444

ADULT SOCIAL CARE: office hours – 0113 222 4401 (adults), 0113 222 4403 (children), out of hours (Emergency Duty Team) – 0113 240 9536

A list of HELP LINES can be found at: