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Support for Homeless People

CRI LEEDS STREET OUTREACH TEAM: 0113 245 9445                                                                                                                                         CRI Leeds Street Outreach Team provides an assertive outreach service to people who are rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping. The team is made up of experienced workers who specialise in addressing the complex needs of our client group. A dedicated mental health social worker is attached to the team. The service aims to engage with and develop relationships with homeless people, conduct assessments and support them to understand and to access available sources of accommodation, health and social care. The service can also intervene where it is likely that a client will become street homeless.

Referral Criteria: Adults 18 and over who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. Referrals are accepted from all sources.

Exclusions: None

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Leeds Housing Options, 1st Floor, 2 Great George Street, Leeds, LS2 8BA       Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 08:30 – 16:00, Friday: 09:30 – 16:00                                                If        If you have nowhere to live, or if you are likely to become homeless, we can help you.

  • help prevent you from becoming homeless
  • find out whether we have a duty to provide you with a home
  • help you find a new home
  • help to prevent you losing your home
  • help you to keep any housing you do find

At Leeds Housing Options our top priority is to help you make the right choice about where you want to live. We know that every situation is different so we will listen to what you tell us and make sure that we help you to find the right option for you. We can help you find the full range of options that are available to you – from private tenancies to council housing, from in-house security to debt management – and give you comprehensive advice on each of the options available to you. Remember – the sooner you approach us, the more options will be open to you. Act early!

R.A.I.S.E. : 0113 2431894                                                                                               Located on the top floor of St. Anne’s Resource Centre in York Street – Leeds City Centre. The service offers a range of activities, advice, information and support for homeless people. The service can help people with issues such as access to housing and benefits, access to health care and drugs/alcohol treatment, access to education and employment opportunities, structured activities and support groups for people affected by homelessness. Open 8:30 – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Tuesdays 10:30 – 4.30pm.

Referral Criteria: People aged 18 and over who may be homeless, vulnerably housed, have mental health issues, have drug or alcohol issues. The service has an open door policy: individuals can access the service without needing to be referred by another agency. On your initial visit, a support worker will meet with you to discuss your support needs.

Exclusions: None, assessed on a case by case basis. however this may include risk levels that would impact on service users and service provision.


ST GEORGES CRYPT CARE CENTRE (aka ‘The Crypt’; Comprised of the Overnight Centre, Day Centre, HALP and The Hub – all in one site).


Emergency Accommodation for single male or female over 16. Food, advice and practical support regarding access to housing, health and personal wellbeing are also available. Chaplain to the homeless available to speak to clients.

Referral Criteria: Referrals must be made via Housing Options. Out of office hours people can approach us and Housing will be contacted. Single males or females over 16.

Exclusions: If unable to compete an assessment due to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

CRYPT DAY CENTRE: 0113 245 9061

Provides various life skill and engagement activities through our Training and Engagement which helps both residents and day service users develop the skills they need to cope with everyday life; mentoring, support and a wide range of activities to help people achieve their potential and move towards further training, education and employment opportunities. Clients regularly help with housekeeping, setting up for training sessions, helping with collections and deliveries and keeping the building operational. Chaplain to the homeless available to speak to our clients at any time.

Referral Criteria: Just turn up if you are over 16.

Exclusions: Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol..

THE HUB: 0113 245 9061

A new service at St George’s Crypt that runs in partnership with Leeds City Council and the Government’s No Second Night Out Protocol: Anyone found rough sleeping by either Street Outreach or the Police is sign-posted to the Crypt where overnight hospitality is given.  The following morning Housing Options and the Street Outreach Team will assess their individual needs and discuss which options are available.

The aim of the No Second Night Out Protocol is to meet accommodation needs within 72 hours of their first approach.

Chaplain to the homeless available to speak to clients.

Referral Criteria: Male or female 16 and over. Referrals to be made via Housing Options. Out of office hours people can approach us and Housing will be contacted.

Exclusions: If unable to complete an assessment due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


YORK STREET HEALTH PRACTICE: 0113 295 4840                                                                                                                The service provides primary care health services to the homeless and vulnerably housed people in Leeds who may have a range of issues including mental health, alcohol and drug use, including those who find it difficult to engage with services. The multi-disciplinary team comprises mental health nurses, support workers, drug therapists, GPs, practice nurses, nurse practitioner, client support workers and administrative staff. For people who find it difficult to speak English, York Street Health Practice have NHS interpreter available to help.

Referral Criteria: Adults who are homeless (including rough sleeping, hostels, temporary with friends, bedsits), temporarily housed, or Seeking Asylum in Leeds. People need to register with the General Practice to receive support. Referrals accepted from all  appropriate sources including self referral. Service available to the public between 9am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.

Exclusions: People who would benefit more from secondary services will be referred through to them.

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