Information Leaflets

Information Leaflets

Below are links to a range of leaflets that provide helpful information on dual diagnosis related issues.

Please note these leaflets come from a range of sources and some of the information provided may not be specific to Leeds.

Anxiety + Substance Use

Mood + Substance Use

Personality + Substance Use

Psychosis + Substance Use

Trauma + Substance Use

Out Of Your Head Guides

The Out Of Your Head guides are a series of four booklets that tell the stories of David, Martha, ‘God’ and Jason. They are based on the experiences of people who use substances and are in mental health treatment. The booklets provide useful information for service users, carers and professionals in a format that is easy to read, amusing at times, sympathetic and factual.

Commonly Used Substances and Their Effects

Cannabis + Mental Health

Mental Health and Substance Misusea useful pocket guide produced by the British Association of Social Workers

Leeds – In The PinkUseful booklet highlighting the additional health issues experienced by some lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Dual Diagnosis Factsheetsummarises a series of studies on addiction and common mental health problems.



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