Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project Standardised Screening and Assessment

Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project Standardised Screening and Assessment

The Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project is working in partnership with Leeds Partnership Foundation Trust, Leeds City Council and partner organisations to agree standardised screening tools for screening and assessment of mental health and substance use.

These tools compliment the Leeds DD Joint Working protocol agreed by all the network partners. The adoption of a standardised approach to screening aims to improve care pathways and access to treatment.

Services that are NOT mental health specialists should use GAD7 & PHQ9 to gather information about common mental health difficulties before considering referral options.

Services that are NOT drug / alcohol treatment specialists should use AUDIT & ASSIST and Leeds Dependency Questionnaire to gather information about substance use patterns and severity of dependence before considering referral options.

Other Resources

Intoxication and Capacity in Mental Health Assessment

This assessment was developed by Phil Cooper, Mike Caulfield and Tom Mason in response to the absence of a standardised assessment tool in mental health services to assess whether a person is intoxicated.

Rethink Physical Health Check

Research shows that people with severe mental illness die on average 10 years younger than the rest of the population. The PHC tool helps to identify unmet physical health needs and develop an action plan to address these needs. More information and guidance can be found at


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