Drug And Alcohol Treatment And Support Options


Forward Leeds service launches 1st July 2015

From 1st July 2015 a new integrated alcohol and drug service, Forward Leeds, will begin operating in Leeds.

For more information please see: Forward Leeds poster

To refer into Forward Leeds use the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) number: 0113 887 2477


CARR BECK: 0113 271 7295                                                                                               http://www.leedshc.org.uk/en/content/carrbeck.aspx                                                                        Carr Beck is a ‘wet hostel’ service that provides accommodation and support for women age 16 and over who choose to continue to drink.

Referral Criteria: Females 16 and over who use alcohol. Professional referrals only.

Exclusions: None

For more detailed information click here.

COMMUNITY LINKS – AFTERCARE SERVICE (Community Rehabilitation and Reintegration Service): 0113 2768852                                                                              http://www.commlinks.co.uk/aftercareservices                                                                                    The service is available to those who are coming to the end of their drugs treatment journey and are in need of some additional support to help them on their way towards lasting recovery. Contact and support takes place away from drug services and requires people to have clear goals in regard to moving on towards lasting recovery. Referrals accepted from all sources.

Referral Criteria: Adults 18 and over who are Leeds residents recovering from drug addiction, and coming to the end of their treatment journey. People must be able to commit to weekly appointments and be motivated and able to engage with goals relating to future personal development.

Exclusions: We are not able to work with anyone for whom alcohol is the sole issue, or with people whose mental health or risk factors mean they are unable to engage positively within a group environment. For severe mental illness see Support For Severe And Enduring Mental Health Problems.

For more detailed information click here.

ST. ANNE’S ALCOHOL SERVICES: 0113 243 4486                                                                http://www.st-annes.org.uk/what_we_do/substance_use/Alcohol.htm                                           The service provides residential alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation, and a community based floating support service. People with mental health problems are assessed for eligibility on a case by case basis.

Referral Criteria & Exclusions: The referral and exclusion criteria vary between services. Click on the links below for more details of each service.
Residential Alcohol Detoxification
Residential alcohol Rehabilitation
Floating Alcohol Support Service

ST GEORGES CRYPT – FAITH LODGE (including GROWING ROOMS recovery program): 0113 2450045

Faith Lodge: http://www.stgeorgescrypt.org.uk/charity/index.php/our-family/faith-lodge

Growing Rooms: http://www.stgeorgescrypt.org.uk/charity/index.php/our-family/faith-lodge/the-growing-rooms/item/103-the_growing_rooms

‘Dry hostel’ project run by St Georges Crypt providing supported accommodation for men who want support to maintain abstinence from addictive substances/behaviours. All new residents expected to attend a full time structured day recovery program. Our in house program is called Growing Rooms which is supported by Spacious Places (see http://www.spaciousplaces.org.uk/whatwedo.html). Chaplain to the homeless available to speak to our clients at any time.

Referral Criteria: Men only. Must be willing to fit in with the recovery focus of the project and to do at least 15 hours of voluntary activity (i.e. recovery work, voluntary work or training/education). Must already be detoxed. Will take people on methadone or buprenorphine but they must be committed to reducing off this at an acceptable rate with support. Referral form available at bottom of webpage.

Exclusions: Residents initially given only a ‘respite bed’ and must wait at least two weeks and until staff are satisfied they are suitable before being offered a full licence agreement. Alcohol and breath tests performed regularly and lapses result in warnings and may lead to eviction. Staffing levels only allow us to take low clients who pose low to medium risk to others. Cannot take those with high risk or schedule one offenders.

ST GEORGES CRYPT – REGENT TERRACE: 0113 245 8836 http://www.stgeorgescrypt.org.uk/charity/index.php/our-family/regent-terrace

Run by St Georges Crypt; Leeds’ only mens ‘wet’ hostel project – residents are allowed to drink alcohol on the premises but boundaries to this are put in place with the aim of encouraging them to gradually cut-down as well as identifying and addressing their needs.

Residents who have reduced their alcohol levels to a level where they can healthily consider ending their drinking are fully supported by care staff and the Leeds Detoxification Unit.  Once a resident is no longer alcohol dependent we discuss with them their options for future accommodation including our sister project Faith Lodge. All meals provided. Chaplain to the homeless available to speak to our clients at any time.

Referral Criteria:Men only. Only for those not yet ready to stop drinking. Not for those who have already stopped drinking and want to stay abstinent (please refer them to Faith Lodge instead). Referral form available at bottom of webpage.


Staffing levels only allow us to take low clients who pose low to medium risk to others. Cannot take those with more serious history of violence or sex offences.



ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA): 0845 769 7555 (helpline)                                http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/

NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS (NA): 0300 9991212 (helpline)


Voluntary groups based on 12-Step programme, providing support and mentorship for people with alcohol (AA) or drug (NA) problems. More information about the location and time of meetings can be found on these groups’ web-sites, or information can also be sought by contacting Leeds Addiction Unit or Multiple Choice (above).

Al-ANON FAMILY GROUPS: 020 7403 0888 (helpline)                                                                   Provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking. Al-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience in order to solve their common problems.

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