Support For Common Mental Health Problems


The service provides a range of evidence based psychological therapies including stress and mood management courses, guided self-help, cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing and other psychotherapeutic approaches.

Contact: To arrange an appointment or make an enquiry telephone 0113 843 4388 or email:

Referral Criteria: People with a common mental disorder who able and willing to engage in treatment (as defined in NICE guidance e.g. symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, stress). Patients whose substance use is stable and who are motivated to obtain mental health support can access the service.

Exclusions: People using drugs or alcohol excessively or in an uncontrolled or chaotic way (not likely to engage / benefit). Those under the care of secondary mental health services.

For people with significant/unstable alcohol or drug problems see Drug And Alcohol Treatment And Support Options. Concerns about mental health related crisis see Support In Crisis and Emergencies. People with symptoms of severe mental disorders see Support For Severe And Enduring Mental Health Problems.



Below are other mental health services that can help people with common mental health problems, offering interventions such as counselling, group work, advocacy, complementary therapies and community based activities.

Important: The below options usually require people with co-existing addictions to have attained a degree of stability with drug/alcohol problems, and to be motivated to address mental health problems. Collaborative care alongside alcohol/drug treatment services is advised.

Genesis New Futures: 0113 2430036                                                                                                        Genesis support women involved in prostitution to make positive changes to their life. The support offered to women includes emotional support and opportunities to access
counselling facilitating access to education, training and a range of volunteering opportunities. A positive, motivational approach to support women in moving forward with their lives. Advocacy for women who need support with accessing other services.

Referral Criteria: Female adults over 18 either currently engaged or with a history of prostitution. Referrals are accepted from all sources.

Exclusions: Females with no history of sex work

For more detailed information click here.


Leeds MIND: 0113 305 5800 or 0113 3055802

Counselling and Therapy Service – offers counselling to a wide-ranging client group including people with issues around anxiety, depression, relationships, sexuality, abuse, bereavement and loss.


Leeds Skyline: 0113 244 9767

Leeds Skyline provides support services for anyone living with or affected by HIV in Leeds. Our team of experienced support workers develop support plans tailored to the individual’s needs. We offer one-to-one emotional support; cognitive behavioural therapy; information and advice regarding a number of issues including treatment; benefits; housing; finances; structured and peer support groups; training and workshops; mental health support and complementary therapies.

The service provides a non-judgemental, confidential and welcoming space in our easily accessible city centre venue. We have facilities for service users to meet together and link into wider networks.

Our prevention service delivers a number of activities within African communities to raise awareness of HIV, reduce the number of new infections and challenge stigma and prejudice. Activities include training, workshops and information sessions; 121 information and advice, talks, positive speaking and condom distribution.


Touchstone Support Centre: 0113 219 2727

Therapeutic resource in the community for Black and Minority Ethnic people who may have mental health problems, offering a key worker service, a Drop-In service, Carers Support Project, the Chinese Satellite project and a structured programme.


Counselling services in Leeds:

Contact ‘Information for Mental Health’ on 0113 275 2417.

Information, links and contact details for various counselling & therapy services can be accessed via below web-page: COMBINEDMOD_viewlist.aspx?action=startagain



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