Policies + Protocols

Local Policies and Protocols

The partner organisations linked to Leeds Dual Diagnosis Network recognise that it is their collective responsibility to ensure that all individuals with co-existing mental heath & drug / alcohol problems receive a service fit for their multiple needs, irrespective of where and how they present. Consequently the Leeds Dual Diagnosis Joint Working Protocol was developed to describe the locally agreed assessment, co-ordination and joint-working criteria.

Leeds Dual Diagnosis Joint Working Protocol

In addition Leeds Dual Diagnosis Network works closely with partner organisations to develop policies and protocols between specific services with the aim of improving access to treatment and services.

Assertive Outreach/Harm Reduction Team Joint Work Protocol

Common Mental Health Problems Best Practice Joint Work Protocol

Terms of Reference

The Dual Diagnosis Project holds a number of strategic and working groups. Below are the Terms Of Reference for each group.

DD Strategy Group Terms Of Reference 2015

Dual Diagnosis Working Group Terms Of Reference

Northern Dual Diagnosis Working Group TOR

Leeds Dual Diagnosis Capability Framework

In 2014 the Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project commissioned Liz Hughes to develop a local Dual Diagnosis Capability Framework. This framework is used to inform a citywide action plan around dual diagnosis training. You can find the framework here: Leeds Co-occuring Mental Health and Substance Use (Dual Diagnosis) Capability Framework.

Leeds Dual Diagnosis Project Future Needs Evaluation

In 2015 the Dual Diagnosis project undertook an evaluation of the future DD needs in Leeds from the perspective of all parties engaged in the network. The findings, along with other local intelligence, were used to inform the DD project plan.

Click here for the executive summary or contact Karen Pearse for the full report: karen.pearse@st-annes.org.uk

Dual Diagnosis Care Pathway Evaluation

In 2012 the Dual Diagnosis Project commissioned an evaluation of the city-wide care pathways in Leeds. A full copy of the evalution report can be downloaded here: DD Care Pathway Evaluation

Or click here for the executive summary.

National Dual Diagnosis Policy, Reports + Good Practice

The Dual Diagnosis Good Practice Guide was published by the Department of Health in 2002 and is a key document in the development of dual diagnosis strategy both nationally and locally.

Dual Diagnosis Capability Framework: Closing The Gap – Hughes 2006

Dual Diagnosis in mental health in-patient and day hospital settings – DoH 2006

A Guide for the Management of Dual Diagnosis in Prisons – DoH 2009

IAPT Positive Practice Guide For Working With People Who Use Drugs + Alcohol – IAPT, DrugScope + NTA 2012

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